UniGroup Sustainability Guidelines


UniGroup recognizes that in order to fully fulfill our mission, we must operate with an  eye for sustainability. UniGroup strives to grow as a business while also recognizing  the need to do so in a socially responsible and sustainable way. The company hopes  to accomplish this by focusing on three critical areas:  our people, our environment  and our business success.

UniGroup is committed to:

  • Reducing waste by minimizing the amount of materials sent to landfills through reuse and recycling programs at its corporate headquarters.
  • Complying with applicable environmental laws and regulations.
  • Focusing on the safety of our van operators, associates and the traveling public.
  • Providing guidance to improve the environmental performance of our agents, contractors and associates.


UniGroup’s sustainability efforts are endorsed and overseen by the senior management of the company.  The UniGreen Team, located at UniGroup St. louis, focuses on implementing sustainable solutions and increasing environmental awareness.  The team consists of volunteers who represent various departments throughout the main office. 

The sustainability guidelines are: 

1. UniGroup St. Louis dedicates resources to support sustainability efforts.

2. UniGroup St. Louis promotes a campus environment that is smoke-free and prohibits tobacco product usage on its premises.

3. UniGroup St. Louis supports recycling by providing recycling containers for paper and cardboard at each desk and in centrally located areas.

4. UniGroup supports composting by making compost containers available in The UniGrille kitchen and the dining area of The UniGrille.

5. UniGroup St. Louis encourages employees to circulate documents electronically to reduce paper and ink required to print documents, faxes or memos. Employees are encouraged to print two-sided and printers default to two-sided in many departments.

6. UniGroup St. Louis purchases 30 percent post-consumer recycled paper for copiers and 100 percent recycled material for paper hand towels and toilet tissue.

7. UniGroup St. Louis recycles printer cartridges, computers and other electronic equipment.

8. UniGroup St. Louis disposes of light bulbs in an environmentally appropriate manner.

9. UniGroup St. Louis donates or recycles used office furniture and fixtures.

10. UniGroup St. Louis encourages employees to use conference calls and Webinars which reduces the environmental impact and cost of business travel.

11. UniGroup St. Louis utilizes standby mode on copiers/printers after two hours of non-use to reduce power consumption.

12. UniGroup St. Louis has a “No Idling” policy for trucks at the main office.

13. UniGroup St. Louis maintains ENERGY STAR certification at the main office through conservation projects such as:

  • minimizing lighting used in the office during off hours,
  • using solar panels to off-set power usage,
  • using energy efficient induction lighting in parking lots,
  • replacing magnetic ballasts with energy saving electronic ballasts,
  • employing green LED lighting in a majority of fixtures,

  • utilizing an energy management system with variable speed drives to maximize the efficiency of heating and cooling equipment,
  • monitoring of building systems (UL listed certified fire alarms, sprinklers in buildings and annual inspections by state and federal jurisdictions), and
  • installing new high energy efficient boilers in the building most utilized.

14. UniGroup St. Louis purchases certified green cleaning materials when available, including those provided for use by contracted janitorial services.

15. UniGroup St. Louis purchases ENERGY STAR rated office equipment and appliances, when available.

16. UniGroup St. Louis contracts with a green cleaning company for janitorial services and has the expectation that:

  • Building occupants and cleaning staff has limited exposure to hazardous cleaning products, equipment and procedures.
  • HEPA filtration vacuums and microfiber cloths are used.
  • Chemicals used are biodegradable and green, when available.

17. UniGroup St. Louis handles documents designated for destruction through a triple-cut, cross-shredding process that is then turned into paper pulp.

18. UniGroup St. Louis is certified to ISO 14001 standards in support of its environmental management system.

19. UniGroup St. Louis recognizes biodiversity as an important aspect for supporting a sustainable society.

20. UniGroup St. Louis promotes activities that contribute to biodiversity at the main office.

UniGroup Quality

UniGroup's vision is to be the BEST moving and transportation solutions company. We recognize that everyone at all levels is responsible for quality.